Sauna Accessories

Sauna Linens

Experience the plush performance of Sunlighten's Sauna Linen Collection, the perfect combination of quality plus revolutionary technology designed to make your infrared sauna experience even better.

Bath Towel Infused with CELLIANT

Standard size bath towel with the dual benefits of super soft comfort and CELLIANT® infused cotton fabric. CELLIANT’s mineral mix converts body heat into infrared energy in a natural and safe way.

Comfort Collection

Sit back and relax during your sauna session and get more comfortable with one of our premium accessories. Transform your space into a more inviting sanctuary with cushions, pillows, and backrests.

Sauna Backrest

If you picture yourself leaning back or laying down in your sauna, this structured support takes weight off your back. We designed a moveable, multi-use backrest to give you choices for additional body support for different lounging positions during your sauna sessions.

Solo Sauna Accessories

Build your personal wellness space with these Solo System portable sauna specially formulated accessories. From comfort to maximising your infrared absorption, Sunlighten has you covered (literally).

Bamboo Carbon Solo Pillow

Complete your SoloPad or Solo System experience with this exclusive plush memory foam pillow covered in sweat-resistant fabric. 

Maintenance Collection

Keep your sauna lasting longer, inside and out, with these specially made products. Give your sauna the best care you can and keep your sauna clean.

Natural Cleaning Kit

Have peace of mind when you clean your sauna with our all-natural, non-toxic cleaners made specifically for use with your sauna.

  • 100% natural, plant-based
  • Safe on delicate surfaces
  • Fragrance free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Concentrated to produce 16 gallons of cleaner

Sauna Add-On

Find balance and reduce stress with these sauna additions; encouraging a deeper reconnect with your mind and body. Let Sunlighten’s premium technology bring you to even deeper states of relaxation, enhancing your sensory experience for greater rejuvenation.

Chromotherapy Lights

Enhance your sauna experience and transform your mental wellbeing with chromotherapy–colorful beauty that is also beneficial. This lighting feature paints your sauna with colors from the sun's visible light spectrum believed to align with different body energy points, creating an artful atmosphere with a balance-bringing effect on different parts of your body. Choose the color that matches your wellness needs and feel even better.

Pure Sweat Cream - Unscented

You can do even more to maximize your sauna session or workout by using our specially-formulated sweat amplifying cream. Pure Sweat works with your body to give you faster results! Sweat harder, sweat earlier. 

  • Triples sweating
  • Increases circulation
  • Accelerates caloric burn
  • Releases built-up toxins
  • Fights muscle fatigue
  • Targets slow-to-respond areas
  • Enhances vasodilation