Sunlighten's Story

We bring light, hope and happiness to people everywhere.

More than anything, we care about you and your well-being. We're committed to innovating wellness products and services you can use to improve and extend your quality of life. And for 20 years we've been building a global community of businesses, consumers, and trusted experts to support you every step of the way.

From Darkness to Light

From day one, we have existed to help others.

Sunlighten’s story began over 20 years ago when Connie and Aaron Zack watched her brother’s life transform with the help of infrared light. A decade of failing to find relief from debilitating illness had brought him to a dark place in his health battle with chronic fatigue, mercury poisoning and spinal injury. A dentist recommended infrared light therapy, and it changed his life. He came to life again, able to create his art and do what he loves once again. He founded Sunlight saunas to share what he had found and bring this healing light to others. 

Inspired by his experience, the Zacks harnessed their history as pharmaceutical associates and committed everything they had to growing Sunlighten and mastering infrared light, bringing the most amount of infrared—and most health benefits—into the body so others could live their best lives, too. They’ve poured their lives into helping others through innovating and leading the infrared sauna industry.

Europe Expansion

Europeans are already acquainted with the benefits of traditional sauna and carrying the message of the infrared sauna benefits into Europe has been the mission of our European HQ founder, Joie Risk. Like our founders, Joie’s passion also stems from her own personal experience. 

Joie’s Sunlighten story began in 2017, after she felt her own life transform with the help of infrared sauna. Struggling to recover from the decreased well-being she experienced after the birth of her second child, she’d reached a place of discouragement in her health journey, feeling depleted, rundown, and unable to sleep. She booked herself an infrared sauna session at her local wellness centre and the experience was like nothing she’d ever had before. Sitting in the sauna, Joie started to feel so much better as the sense of being present, calm, and at peace overcame her. That night she had the best night’s sleep. The infrared sauna was truly a game changer, and the spark was lit. A biohacker at heart, she set out on a journey of discovery, immersing herself in all the clinical studies she could find and concluding the health benefits were nothing short of amazing. 

Her research led her to Sunlighten. She reached out to Aaron and Connie, and the synergy was instantaneous. Together, they founded Sunlighten UK in 2019, to expand the accessibility of Sunlighten’s healing light to everyone in Europe. 

Our Journey
Seeing the Light

Far infrared light therapy transforms Connie’s brother’s 10-year battle for his health and he establishes Sunlight Saunas to help make infrared more available to others.

We want you to have the opportunity to feel great so you can do more of what you love–that's the vision behind our innovative approach to wellness.

Our People

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    Chief Operating Officer

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    Chief Financial Officer

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    Chief Sales Officer

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    Chief Marketing Officer

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    Customer Care Director

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    Director, Strategic Partnerships

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    Supply Chain Director

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    Director of Analytics & Technology

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Our Promise

Feel better, do more, live fully.


We’re only as good as our people. And we’ve got some great ones! But we’re always looking for more. If wellness is a priority in your life and you’re looking to help others feel better and live their best life, then join us!

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People love to help us share the message of what Sunlighten infrared light does! From Oprah and Dr. Oz to the New York Times, Sunlighten has been featured in publications and media all over the world.