You're safe in a Sunlighten.

We know you want to have peace of mind about the sauna you choose to help you feel better and do more. Our Sunlighten infrared saunas safely support your wellness goals because each one is manufactured to the highest standard of safety in the industry. Our proprietary SoloCarbon® heater design and exclusive manufacturing process allows us to mitigate EMFs to levels that are virtually undetectable. And, you'll find we've gone the extra mile in every detail to ensure our products are non-toxic.

Relax with Safe Heating Technology

While you relax and enjoy the warmth of your Sunlighten sauna, behind the scenes our SoloCarbon heaters are working safely and efficiently with a proprietary blend of FDA-approved materials that we have heat-sealed to withstand temperatures above and beyond the operating temperature, ensuring no unhealthy gasses are released during heating. It is reassuring to have third-party testing verify claims, and Sunlighten is committed to providing that as part of our safety process and quality control.


Ultra Low EMFs

It's true some products produce EMFs and smart consumers are concerned about minimizing exposure. At Sunlighten, we want to eliminate the concern about EMFs in our saunas, and have made mitigation a top priority. As a result, Sunlighten saunas produce almost no EMFs, a fact validated by the world’s foremost EMF testing experts who tested our saunas. Their report shows that Sunlighten heater panels measure 0.5 mG, less than 1 mG! That is lower than 95% of most common household devices. It’s the latest and most current testing so you can rest assured your infrared sauna is safe from EMFs.


Breathe Easy: Low VOCs

Sunlighten saunas offer exceptional air quality, verified by third-party tests. Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are chemicals commonly found in many home building and maintenance products. Once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released into the indoor air we breathe. Sunlighten hired APEX Environmental Consultants to conduct air quality tests on a sampling of our saunas during a session. The results confirmed that Sunlighten’s saunas contain only trace levels of various VOCs. No airborne metals, sulfur dioxide, or carbon black were detected. “The air quality in the tested saunas should be considered excellent and provides a good example for the industry to follow.”


Non-Toxic Tested & Approved

Non-Toxic Adhesive

The glue we use minimally to adhere the tongue and groove boards to the face of the structure is non-hazardous, non-toxic. Third-party tested by Franklin International.

ETL Certifications

You’d never buy an electric oven or other home appliance without knowing it met all safety and performance standards. Buying an infrared sauna shouldn’t be any different. Before buying a sauna, be sure it carries the appropriate safety certification. Sunlighten saunas have been tested and approved by numerous safety agencies and are ETL-certified. To verify ETL certification on any electrical product, visit the Intertek Directory and search for our company name.