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See how to assemble your Amplify infrared sauna.

Watch how to disassemble your Amplify infrared sauna.

Watch how to replace your full spectrum sauna heater.

See how to pair your sauna stereo with your personal device using Bluetooth

Learn how to install Sound Vibration (Acoustic Resonance) Therapy into your sauna.

Watch how to replace your Sunlighten sauna stereo.

See how to install or replace your chromotherapy lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

My timer is showing numbers 1 through 24 and won’t heat. What do I do?

This means your sauna is in Reservation Mode and will turn on when the timer counts down to 0. To switch back to Normal operation, turn the sauna off and press the Timer Up and Down keys simultaneously.

Why are my lights flickering?

Most likely, the connection from the lights to your control panel is loose. Access the roof and look for the barrel connection (connected with a metal ring). Disconnect and then reconnect, securing metal rings together.

How do I activate reservation mode?
  1. Turn off the sauna
  2. Press the timer up and timer down arrows simultaneously
  3. A digit will appear on the timer section of the screen to indicate the number of hours before the sauna turns on.
  4. When the timer counts down to “0,” the sauna will turn on for a 60 minute session and will be set to 150 degrees.

To cancel a reservation, press and hold the power button until the time display turns off....

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