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May 10, 2022

Hapbee Sunlighten Spotlight

Mental Health, Sleep

If you’re looking for chemical-free ways to find relief from anxiety, stress and worry, attain greater mental focus or higher quality sleep, watch this Sunlighten Spotlight about a groundbreaking wellness tech that shares some common scientific ground with Sunlighten. 

Introducing Hapbee Wellness Tech

In this video you'll discover: 

4:15      Wellness solutions without chemicals  
7:30      Science behind Hapbee  
11:15     Hapbee: Spotify for how you want to feel 
12:53    Compelling sleep data analysis  
14:45    Caffeine metabolism vs. Hapbee “coffee” blend 
16:40    Pro athletes/cycles of self-medication 
19:16     Popular signal/blend  
22:11     Combining Sunlighten + Hapbee 
22:54    Habit stacking  
24:17     Is it safe 
27:55    Why try Hapbee? +Money back guarantee 
29:55    How to buy – 20% off 

Why We Love Our Guest 

It sounds kind of science fiction-ey: the idea that rather than putting something in your body, you can elicit or stimulate a response through magnetic waves. Those are the words of Hapbee CEO Yona Shtern describing his initial doubts about what Hapbee does for people. In this refreshing conversation with our founder Connie Zack, Yona walks us through the science and study behind the groundbreaking wearable wellness technology called “Hapbee,” with candor about his own journey to understand and believe it.  

We love supporting this innovative, cutting-edge company of health and wellness entrepreneurs who share a similar mission to help others feel better and live fully. Both our products are alternative wellness tools that harness a unique aspect of nature in the invisible world of the healing wavelengths found within the electromagnetic spectrum.  

What to Expect  

This episode of Sunlighten Spotlight explores the Hapbee wearable, a cutting-edge device you can wear like a headband, necklace, or place under your pillow at night. It works with your body by playing recordings of a molecule’s unique magnetic frequency so when you wear it, your body feels the effects of the molecule without the side effects from ingesting the compound. 

Watch, learn, and share our awe at this incredible option to support mental wellness, enhance sleep, elevate performance, and boost physical well-being. 

Ideas for Integrating Hapbee into a Sauna Lifestyle 

The Hapbee app offers easy-to-follow instructions and a menu of blends and signals you can choose from to create the feeling you want to feel. It’s a great way to habit stack for mental wellness and physical health. Both our teams spent time testing some combinations that we share below. The possibilities are endless. Feel free to explore the blends to set your mind on the path you want. 

Before Sauna – Play the “Wake Up” blend after waking to start your day with a burst of energy and get the grogginess out of your system elicited by Hapbee’s non-chemical blend of caffeine and theobromine signals. 

In the Solo System – Use the “Master Your Attention” blend to avoid falling asleep during your sauna session and enjoy a mellow, focused experience using a blend engineered from nicotine, a nootropic that promotes attention and relaxation. This combo helped one of our team meditate better during his Solo time. 

After Evening Sauna – Select the “Wind Down” blend after your sauna session to get your mind ready for bed. The blend combines sleep triggers and relaxation using an engineered blend of melatonin and adenosine.  

Connect with Hapbee 

Learn more about Hapbee wearable wellness technology at Hapbee.com

Sauna Discount Code 

Mention Hapbee to get a discount.  



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