Period Table of the Elements - Cadmium
February 08, 2022

Heavy Metal Detox & Heart Health

Detoxification, Heart Health, Sweat, Longevity

Gain deeper insight into the science behind two of the most foundational health benefits of infrared sauna: detoxification and heart health, in this short, but informative video with one of our founders.

Hear About Detoxing Heavy Metals using an Infrared Sauna

In this video, you'll discover:

0:13 – Sunlighten owner’s personal IR detox story

0:27 – Dentist recommended infrared to sweat out mercury

0:47 – Sunlighten founded to help people live free of toxicants

0:59 – Addressing skepticism of detox claim

1:14 – Sweating is an effective way to eliminate toxic elements

1:32 – History of sauna use for detox

1:44 – Clinical study showed sweat impacted detoxification

2:00 – Examples of toxic elements eliminated through sweat

2:06 – Cadmium is one of the heavy metals found in sweat

2:57 – Heart Health benefit

3:05 – Sunlighten’s clinical trial

3:15 – Results found decreased blood pressure

3:29 – Passive cardio benefit explained

4:01 – Sweat makes people feel better

4:15 – Sunlighten sauna results

Sunlighten’s Co-Founder, Connie Zack, talks about two of Sunlighten infrared sauna’s key health benefits: detoxification and heart health. She explains the scientific validity of sweat for detoxification, which is often couched only as temperature regulation for the body. She highlights one clinical study that found numerous heavy metals in sweat more than in blood or urine.

On the topic of heart health, she touches on Sunlighten’s ground-breaking clinical trial that established the now-commonly-known cardiac benefit of infrared sauna use. She also explains what passive cardio is and how a sauna legitimately offers a benefit that compares to exercise because of circulation increase.

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