Community Sauna

Select this commercial grade sauna to provide wheelchair access.

The world’s only commercial grade infrared sauna, the Community Sauna surrounds your clients in the latest technology and highest grade infrared light therapy to boost their immune system, improve circulation, and naturally detoxify. Comfortably seating 5-6 people, the Community sauna provides a large space to enable you to schedule more clients in shared sessions, while its low maintenance and easy operations gives you a stress-free service to deliver that requires minimal staffing and maximises return on investment.


You want the most effective far infrared for your clients to feel better, in a solidly constructed sauna that’s also easy to operate and maintain.

Product Specifications








  • Ultra Premium Appearance
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Sustainable/Green/Renewable

Community Sauna

The perfect far infrared sauna uniquely designed for commercial environments, this model gives you the highest performing infrared, low maintenance and running costs and stress-free operation. Community’s capacity suits up to 6 people and provides wheelchair access with a wider door and ramp – an important feature unique to Sunlighten. Removable benches add flexibility for internal seating configurations and ensure comfort and safety for all. The ‘heater-less’ floor eliminates maintenance concerns and thicker wood construction creates a sturdy, strong flooring. External controls enable your staff to manage settings without imposing on your client’s experience. Pre-heat this sauna with the 36-hour pre-warm up. Sunlighten’s powerful Magne-seal locking method makes assembly easy and keeps the heat in with no unsightly screws or nails. Built-in chromotherapy lighting enhances your clients’ experience using colours from the sun’s visible light spectrum to bring balance and mental wellbeing.


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