Sunlighten Mobile App

The key to integrating your sauna into your life.

You purchased your sauna, now the challenge is to find the time to do it. Science shows the more you use your sauna, the better your results will be. The all-new Sunlighten mobile app for our mPulse Smart Sauna helps you easily make saunaing a habit you love and do regularly.

Build your connection to your sauna so you can…

…relax, de-stress, detoxify, relieve pain, and accomplish your goals for your health and well-being. 

Watch this video for some examples of how Sunlighten Smart Sauna owners use the mobile app.

Control your sauna from your smartphone

Download the Sunlighten App and pair it to your sauna for the ultimate convenience. 

1. Pre-schedule your sessions.
Sunlighten Mobile App schedule.png

Use the calendar to schedule your sauna sessions and build a routine.

The only sauna that keeps getting smarter.

What we have planned will blow your mind. New and better features are in the works and regular updates will continue to make saunaing easier, better, and more advanced.  

Control audio in Signature & Amplify saunas.

Signature, Amplify and Solo Rise sauna owners with Bluetooth receivers for audio, and sound therapy, can use the Sunlighten mobile app to control the audio content and volume. For those that purchased the sound therapy add-on, the app also controls sound therapy intensity. 

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