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Why people love and trust in Sunlighten infrared

You want to make the best decisions for your health, and listening to experts is helpful to your decision-making process. Sunlighten is one of the most trusted leaders in infrared. Top health and wellness practitioners have had personal and client transformations so compelling they became Sunlighten infrared advocates out of their own experience. Our innovation and growth have been a mutual exchange of collaboration and support between us and the people who believe in the wonders of Sunlighten infrared.

More than 200 health experts recommend Sunlighten.

A long-time infrared sauna fan, I took that love to the next level and got one for my home. I didn’t make that decision lightly. After careful research and speaking with trusted colleagues, I opted for a Sunlighten, the only brand clinically shown to raise core temperature so you burn more fat and more effectively detoxify.

JJ Virgin

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People love to help us share our message of what our infrared light can do! From The Telegraph and Daily Mail to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, Sunlighten has been featured in publications and media all over the world.


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