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At Sunlighten, we want to change the way the world thinks about wellness. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel great so they can do more of what they love, and that’s what fuels our innovative approach. And we are building a global community of businesses, consumers, and trusted experts to support you every step of the way. Through our social channels, blogs and partners, we have created a space that empowers and inspires people to live healthier, happier lives. We will share healthy tips and the latest wellness info from Sunlighten associates and other wellness experts. We will strive to make each of you feel hopeful, valued, and connected to the Sunlighten family!

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From Fatigue to Fully Living: Benefits of Infrared Sauna for Thyroid

We love being part of improving our customers’ quality of life. As infrared light science innovators and thought leaders, we create products and share knowledge that promotes hope, healing and wellness, so people can feel better and do more of what they love. Sherie Holland shares how her Sunlighten infrared sauna has helped her have more energy to live life fully, without a thyroid. 


The Science of Infrared for Muscle Recovery & Performance

For athletes of all levels, research shows infrared saunas are useful in enhancing muscle recovery and performance. This article explores some of the science behind how infrared helps before, during, and after physical activity, and why professional trainers are choosing to incorporate infrared sauna in muscle recovery programs.


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Video Tips from Our Partners

Magdalena Wszelaki’s Infrared Sauna Protocol

What’s Magdalena’s favorite time of the day? Time in her Sunlighten infrared sauna for detoxification, pain reduction, support of the lymphatic system, and overall well-being. Learn more about Magdalena Wszelaki’s infrared sauna therapy protocol. Founder of Hormones Balance, Magdalena is a certified nutrition coach, herbalist, speaker, educator and author.

Infrared Therapy for Muscle Recovery

One of the most important aspects for longevity in sports and activities is proper muscle recovery. Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Tackle, discusses how what takes place off the field is one of the most important things about an athlete. How they recover. And the best part of his recovery: it’s down his stairs!