Solo System Portable Sauna

Have healing infrared in a small, portable space.

When you want the benefits of our SoloCarbon far infrared but don't have the space or budget for a cabin, the Solo System is the best choice for your longevity journey. This one-person sauna surrounds you with our highly effective infrared treatment in a portable, single person mini sanctuary at an affordable price. You can destress your mind, boost your immune system, burn calories, improve circulation and naturally detoxify your body easily and effectively with Solo.


The Solo System offers a unique personal sauna experience. Here's what you can look forward to:

The Solo System portable infrared sauna immerses you in our patented SoloCarbon infrared panels and a sleek lightweight design unlike any other. Zone-based heating in this one-person sauna gives you full control over what you want to target most as you pursue a healthier lifespan. Because the design is divided into varying domes, you can select different settings to find the perfect temperature for your ideal experience. It’s a high-comfort solution that’s easy to use and the perfect way to take a break and unwind when you need it.

Easily set up your personal sauna.

The lightweight design makes it easy to set up for a relaxing break as well as offering an easy take-down. The sliding double-dome system allows you to easily climb inside as you lay comfortably on the SoloPad®. Pull the dome back over you, close the curtain, and you are ready to experience soothing far infrared therapy anytime, anywhere.

Easily store your portable sauna.

The Solo System is a portable infrared sauna designed for the ultimate movability. Its unique, lightweight design makes it easy to store in a closet or corner of a room. The design of the SoloPad allows for folds at three points for easy, compact storage within the domes. You can sauna anywhere in your home, take it on extended vacations, and keep it with you when you move.


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Solo System Portable Far Infrared Sauna

Transform a small space into a relaxing personal wellness oasis. The Solo System offers an immersive infrared experience with 9 SoloCarbon heaters, (5 in the domes and 4 in the SoloPad) sending the highest quality waves into your body to increase your core temperature so you sweat out toxins from within.

The SoloPad uses memory foam for an ergonomic design that distributes pressure evenly across the body to help with circulation and minimize the feeling of stress on the lower back. So, get ready to stretch out and relax in the luxury that is the Solo System for wellness support like no other.

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Take luxury to a whole new level. If you’re looking to make your Solo experience that much better, look no further than our selection of accessories. From comfort to maximizing your infrared absorption, Sunlighten has you covered (literally).

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