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Helpful Videos

Time-lapse video installing a Signature II sauna, but is the same process for Signature I and III.

Watch how to disassemble a Signature sauna.

Find out the optimal temperature when using a Signature sauna.

Watch how to replace your Signature sauna power box.

See how to pair your sauna stereo with your personal device using Bluetooth

See how to install or replace your chromotherapy lights.

Learn how to install Sound Vibration (Acoustic Resonance) Therapy into your sauna.

Watch how to replace your Sunlighten sauna stereo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Signature have both near and far infrared?

The Signature features SoloCarbon far infrared heaters only. Our patented technology has a highly emissive coating that delivers the highest quality AND quantity of infrared heat for therapeutic results. SoloCarbon panels are the only far infrared heaters clinically shown to 

How do I activate reservation mode?
  1. Turn off the sauna
  2. Press the timer up and timer down arrows simultaneously
  3. A digit will appear on the timer section of the screen to indicate the number of hours before the sauna turns on.
  4. When the timer counts down to “0,” the sauna will turn on for a 60 minute session and will be set to 65 degrees.

To cancel a reservation, press and hold the power button until the time display turns off.....

How do I connect to the Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth connectivity will be on the amplifier located in the unit's roof. There is a light indicator that’s labeled 'Bluetooth', this will show blue when something is connected to it. 

To Pair your device with the sauna – Select the Bluetooth icon and search for “Sunlighten”. If you are prompted for a password, input password “0000”. You will now be connected to the Bluetooth Receiver in your new Sunlighten Sauna.

If y....

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