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Watch how to replace your android control pad for your mPulse sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the application update didn't push to me?

For Android 6 tablets: Android Control Pads in saunas from 2018 and later will receive the Over the Air push prompt. Your ACP will need to have software version 2.20.610 or after to perform that update. The version number can be found on Settings/Setup and looking in the top right portion of that screen. If your ACP is running version 2.19 or earlier, you’ll need to perform the manual update via USB. Please get in touch with o....

Why aren't DirectTV/Youtube working?

Some third party apps are dependent on Google Location Services to properly function.  There are two ways to enable Location Services: at the initial Account Setup, when you’re asked to do so after connecting your wireless network, and on the Android Settings Location page. 

Why has my sound stopped since the update?

This was a software bug that was resolved with the most recent update. Be certain that you’re on the latest version of the app. 

For Android 6 tablets: You can check the current version on the tablet by tapping the person icon in the upper right portion of the screen and selecting your user profile. It will be displayed at the bottom under the ‘Update app’ button. Tapping the ‘Update App’ button will automatically prompt you for up....

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