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August 09, 2022

Truth about EMF and Infrared Saunas

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What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. They are waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space.

Every electronic device emits some form of EMF.

There is quite a lot of confusion around EMF.

However, some people confuse infrared with EMF. Below we explain the difference.

Infrared saunas heat your body directly (as opposed to the air around you) by emitting infrared radiant heat. The waves, similar to those produced by the sun, penetrate and heat your body. The infrared waves are safe – used even to heat newborn babies in hospitals.

EMF is everywhere in our offices and our homes. The electrical appliances we use like keyboards and mice, wireless modems, cordless phones, clock radios, hair dryers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and more – all produce EMFs.

Better Health Victoria states ‘Scientific evidence does not demonstrate a causal link between typical exposures to EMF and adverse health effects.

So here are some questions to ask if a sauna is said to have NO EMF.

1) How far away were they from the heater emitters when testing the EMF levels?
The measuring device used could have been placed a few inches away. If the metre is closer, the measure can be much higher. Being only a few inches away from the emitter can substantially lower the EMF levels.

2) If the sauna is said to emit zero EMF, ask ‘Which areas of the sauna were you measuring?’
Only specific areas may have been measured. So there could be hot spots of EMF in other areas of the sauna. For example, many infrared saunas give lower EMF readings around the emitters.

The good news

The amount of EMF in Sunlighten infrared saunas is well below the levels generally believed to be unsafe. 

Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to EMF. For that reason, we have limited the levels of EMF from our heaters as much as possible.

The EMF in a Sunlighten sauna is less than a standard hair dryer. The EMF attributable to a hair dryer at 6 inches away is about 300 mG. Our saunas have been measured between 0 and 10 mG. EMFs are measured in units called milligauss (mG).

No infrared sauna is capable of offering zero EMF throughout the entire sauna.

*If you’d like to learn more about the low EMF levels in Sunlighten saunas, we encourage you to view our third-party testing data here by VitalTech. 

Please feel free to send your questions about EMF or infrared saunas by contacting us.

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