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November 08, 2022

Red Light: The Difference Between Red Chromotherapy and Red Light Therapy

Light Science

Red light all looks the same and that has created a lot of confusion for people trying to understand different light therapies. In this short informational video, we explain three differences that will help clear up confusion about red chromotherapy and red light therapy.

The Difference Between Red Light Therapy and Red Chromotherapy

Red Light: 3 Basic Differences Between Chromotherapy and Red Light LED Panels

In this video you'll discover:

:25  Difference #1: Power Density  

:40  What is power density (helpful analogy) 

:52  Difference #2: Absorption   

1:30 Difference #3: Health Benefits  

We love light science and know that it can be a confusing topic. We are passionate about helping others understand what it is, how it works in the body, and why all of that matters for health and wellness. Unlike our beloved infrared, red light can be seen and it all looks the same. Red light in all its forms is the same wavelength of light, but how it is being delivered does have distinct differences. To clear up confusion about the difference between the red light you see in chromotherapy and the red light you can see in a red light therapy LED panel, we created this informative video explanation.

You’ll learn the three main differences between these two delivery methods of this amazing visible light wavelength your eyes can see, and your body can absorb and benefit from.

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