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March 01, 2022

Improving Sleep with Sauna: Customer Experiences

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You may be at the end of your rope with trying to sleep better, or you may just want to optimize your health as much as you can. Many people who use a Sunlighten sauna regularly report that they have noticed a positive effect on their sleep.

The experiences vary. The effects are different for everyone. We are all “bioindividuals” whose bodies respond differently to different things we try. That’s why we value finding common ground in the experiences of others. We keep exploring and learning what works best for our own unique bodies.

So, if you are looking for hope to sleep better, here’s what some Sunlighten sauna users have to say about it.

Morning Users

“I am so glad I purchased a Sunlighten sauna for my home. I have been sleeping through the night, after DECADES of sleep disturbances. I have an increased sense of well-being. There are no pills that can transform one's life like a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna. It's amazing!” – Claire M., Signature owner

“My sleep has absolutely improved after consistent use of my sauna, mainly for me because it improved my energy levels during the day, which naturally means better sleep.” – Sherie H., mPulse owner

“I use my sauna in the early morning. On days when I don’t use it, I feel groggy and fatigued. I do believe it may help me sleep better when I do because I have more energy during the day.” –  Theresa R., mPulse owner

“I wear an Oura Ring and have seen my sleep efficiency and my HRV improve with consistent use of my sauna. I am slowly weaning myself off all sleep pharmaceuticals successfully for the first time in 12+ years.” – Sheri B., mPulse owner

Sauna and Fasting

“Sauna and fasting has made a huge difference in my sleep quality.” – Stephanie W., Solo System owner

“Yes, I found that sauna, fasting and detoxing heavy metals with the help from a naturopath helped my sleep.” – Dawn B., mPulse owner

Evening Users

“Hell to the yes. I sleep like a baby post sauna/shower/nightly facial.” – Kevin M., mPulse owner

“I fall asleep faster and crave my nighttime sauna.” – Amarie W., Solo System owner

“After I sauna I use a cream with magnesium—out like a light.” – Jody C., mPulse owner

Sauna and the Biocascade of Benefits

Reading the wide-ranging experiences of our sauna community, one pattern becomes clear: the health benefits are interrelated, connected and seem to have a domino effect. The world’s foremost researcher and authority on infrared, Dr. Michael Hamblin, theorizes that infrared may initiate a “biological cascade” that could result in improved sleep because infrared radiation can increase blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the muscles and the skin. From detoxification, relaxation and stress relief to muscle recovery and circulation, the human body is a system and taking a holistic, natural approach may be beneficial to sleep.

It’s worth exploring to see how it affects yours!

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