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December 02, 2022

Restorative Time for Body and Mind with Elena Brower

Mental Health, Longevity

People all over the world seek out Elena Brower to calm their mind and fortify their resiliency. A reservoir of peace and wisdom, Elena shares how to build and access your own inner reservoir through her generous programs and practices, including infrared sauna. Everyone needs more Elena Brower time—join us in this restorative episode of Sunlighten Spotlight.

Restorative Time for Body and Mind with Elena Brower

Sauna Tips and Meditation with Elena Brower 

In this video, you'll discover: 

0:01 Meet Elena Brower and learn why she loves saunaing 

5:25 Commit to self-healing through sauna and sitting still 

8:50 Meditation with Elena 

16:45 Mindset for sauna 

17:00 Tips for overcoming resistance 

22:00 Tips for reducing noise and stress in life 

26:23 How to achieve a more peaceful state 

29:52 Elena’s sauna practices 

33:24 Menopause and sauna  


Why We Love Our Guest  

Elena Brower is our role model for living a beautiful, balanced life that honors mind, body, and spirit and helps us live our best selves. A mother, humanitarian, artist, teacher, bestselling author, and host of the Practice You Podcast, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. After graduating from Cornell University in 1992, she designed textiles and apparel for almost a decade before focusing on yoga, meditation, art and writing. Her first book, Art of Attention, has been translated into seven languages, and her second, Practice You Journal, is a bestseller. Her third book, Being You Journal, was released in early 2021. Both Practice You and Being You are being utilized as teaching tools in a variety of settings from universities to teacher trainings. 

Elena's yoga and meditation classes are featured on Glo.com. Her virtual Mentorship portal is beloved for bringing analog creativity to online coursework, and Perceptive Parenting audio course is a source for positive parenting tips for kids of all ages. Elena's spoken word poetry can be heard on Above & Beyond’s Flow State albums. She works to elevate bright futures for girls and women through her support for Girls on Fire Leaders and On The Inside. 

What to Expect   

This episode of Sunlighten Spotlight highlights the importance of stillness and the place meditation and “just” sitting has in our lives.  

Watch, learn, and allow yourself to embrace time to restore your mind, body, and soul with Elena Brower.  

Compelling Highlights 

Our culture compels a driving energy to push ourselves to do more, produce more, and go one more. In order to do that, we must allow ourselves time to recover and rest. Elena elevates the importance of sitting as something that should be non-negotiable. She explains why and even shows us how in her conversation with Connie Zack. Some of what they cover include: 

  • Why sauna is so good for self-healing 
  • What happens when we sit still 
  • Resources for meditation 
  • How to cultivate yin energy through silence 
  • Do a short meditation with Elena and Connie 
  • Tips for mindset to reduce noise and stress 
  • What to do if you feel resistance to sitting, silence or meditation 
  • How sauna has helped her have a smooth menopause experience  
Sauna for Stillness & Silence: Elena Brower’s Recommendations 

Elena loves her sauna time and treats it as a sacred time to meditate, breathe and rest. 

Starting with her walk down to the sauna in her robe with water bottle in hand, Elena cherishes each moment of her sauna experience. She saunas between 3 to 5 times a week for 40 minutes in her mPulse sauna, using the detox, pain relief, or cardio program. She also created her own custom “EB Meditation Program” using all three wavelengths at maximum strength. She loves to apply essential oils; her favorites are Doterra’s Balance Blend and frankincense. Once she settles in, she uses the time to meditate, breathe and rest.  She keeps her sauna a “sound-free zone” and hasn’t hooked up wifi or speakers.   

Recommended Resources 

Elena mentioned author Joan Halifax Fruitful Darkness, Standing at the Edge, Being with Dying 

Visit Elena’s website to find her programs, books, art and more 

Elena’s Practice You podcast 

Practice yoga and meditation with Elena on bit.ly/elenaglo. Get 7 days free.  

Sauna Discount Code 

Mention Elena Brower to get a discount on a sauna. 

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