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August 02, 2022

Choose the perfect location for your sauna

Holistic Wellness

At Sunlighten, we love providing high quality and luxurious wellness experiences. Many people would love to buy a sauna for their home or business. In order to make this a reality, you’ll first need to find the ideal location.

When looking to buy a sauna, people often ask:

Can infrared saunas be placed outdoors?

Infrared saunas are designed for indoor settings. But with protection from the weather, they can be placed outdoors if protocol is followed.

Outdoor Saunas

We love the idea of an outdoor sauna. Our images display the elegant and modern design of our most popular mPulse sauna. The sauna’s aesthetically pleasing design fits in beautifully with decking and outdoor settings.

Our luxury saunas are made using the highest quality timbers to furniture quality therefore we suggest you take the following into consideration:

1) Find a location protected from the weather

Water on the outside or inside of the saunas will damage timber and electronics.

Unsightly conditions can often cause issues with an infrared sauna.

If you live near a beach, for example, salt in the air can affect its operation.

2) Cover your sauna

In these environments, our outdoor Marine Grade Outdoor Covers will help protect the sauna and keep the warranty intact.

3) Ensure that you install roofing over the top

Our infrared saunas are made with flat roofs. It is important that your sauna has a shelter or roof over the top. This will help prevent rain and other weather conditions from reaching the sauna.

Our consultants are more than happy to discuss your outdoor requirements. Get in touch here.

Indoor Saunas

Here are some things to keep in mind when installing an infrared sauna indoors.

1) Fitting the roof onto your sauna

Your designer or architect may have left room in your home or commercial design for a sauna. You’ve measured up the sauna and it looks as though it will fit. Great, however when the sauna is built the roof has to be lifted above the sauna and placed down to inter-lock with the sauna walls. Allow enough room to lift the roof.

We recommend at least 60cm above the sauna for ventilation.

2) How much room is required around my sauna for set up and best performance?

We recommend at least 10cm of clearance around the back and sides of the sauna for ventilation. Make sure to leave the power switch accessible to turn the sauna off at the power if required.

3) What surfaces can I set my sauna on?

You can set your sauna on tile, concrete, carpet, laminate or wood. Make sure that your sauna is level, regardless of its location.

If your sauna is placed outdoors, ensure adequate drainage so that water cannot pool around the base of the sauna. Do not place the sauna on grass, gravel or rock. If placed near or on cool surfaces (like concrete and basement walls), warm-up can be impacted.

As always, we hope this article has been helpful.

If you have any questions about our saunas, please feel free to get in touch. One of our friendly consultants can answer questions relating to your sauna.

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