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June 26, 2019

Men’s Health Month Series: 4 – The Men of Sunlighten Share Their Health Secrets

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As Men’s Health Month comes to an end, I want to share some tips to inspire others to empower wellness. I’ve already shared how I keep my health a priority by including my family in the process. Read on to learn how some of our Sunlighten associates fit wellness into their everyday lives. 

Build Your Energy Levels

“I started strength training 19 years ago; selfishly to look good. Now that I have young children, I want to lead by example, and stay healthy for them. It can be a challenge to keep energy levels up with three small kids and a full-time job. I do my best to prioritize sleep and say “no” to activities or choices that can impact my energy levels the next day. I start my day with 90 minutes of exercise before anything else. This time is mine. It helps me to get my mind and body right, manage stress, and allows me to do a better job of serving my family and associates. I use my Solo® System sauna every other day to help with recovery and better sleep. A clean diet with high protein, moderate fat, and low in carbohydrates helps to keep my energy levels up throughout the day. If I need a dose of inspiration to re-energize, a few of my favorite influencers include Ed MylettAndy Frisella, and Jocko Willink.” Joseph Rapisarda, Chief Sales Officer   

Practice Safe Exercise 

“I played soccer in college and my body was pretty torn up as a result. I had a lot of damaged scar tissue, joint inflammation, and tight muscles. Now, I focus on safe, effective, pain-free workouts. I practice Functional Range Conditioning to improve my useable ranges of motion and joint strength. I also love doing hot yoga! I go two to four times a week and have noticed that my mobility is better now than when I was playing college sports. Most importantly, any exercise I do begins with a proper warmup to prevent injury. To stay informed on functional mobility, I listen to the Align podcast with Aaron Alexander. He does a great job of explaining the correlation between your mental state and how your body is feeling.” Robert Barkoff, National Inside Sales Manager  

Fuel Your Body & Soul

“My family has a history of heart issues, so a wellness-focused lifestyle is a must for me to stay healthy as I age. I stay active at Orangetheory Fitness five days a week where I burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. Healthy eating is especially important for me to keep my heart in good shape. In the summer, it can be especially hard with patios and happy hours! But it is also a great time for healthy grilling! I take advantage of cooking outside while I can.

Some of my favorites are grilled chicken, turkey burgers, and grilled vegetables like asparagus. My favorite go-to summer recipe is grilled steak skewers with chimichurri – yum! I meal prep on the weekends so my food is ready to throw on the grill when I get home during the work week. Just as I fuel my body with healthy food, I like to fuel my mind with positivity and look for inspiration from people that do good in the world. I watch the Ellen Degeneres show regularly as she highlights people that are changing the world by paying it forward. It is a great way to end my day with some laughs and a dose of positivity.” Adam Daicy, (Former) Marketing Coordinator

Find Your Source for Motivation  

“Let me be honest. The main reason for hitting the gym six days a week for two-hour workout sessions is because I want to look good! I feel the most confident when I feel good about my body. I look back at pictures of how I used to look compared to how I look now, and that’s what gets me to the gym every day. Aside

from physical appearance, I also want to be healthy and active for the rest of my life. My mom is not as active as she once was, and at age fifty, she is finding that it’s more difficult to get around. I want to be athletic in my seventies and beyond. Barry’s Bootcamp is one of many health and fitness pages that I follow on Instagram to keep myself motivated.  Their posts are very aspirational and help me keep my head in the game.” Stephen Janick, (Former) Customer Care Representative 

Be Consistent

“Wellness can mean different things to different people. For me, it is about optimizing my performance both physically and mentally. I have found five lifestyle techniques that have proved to help me think and feel my best –  nutrition, physical exercise, mental exercise, sleep, and Sunlighten infrared therapy. The key to this is? Wash, rinse and repeat! Consistency is key.” Sam Gegen, National Inside Sales Manager

This concludes our Men’s Health blog series. I hope you have found some helpful tidbits to incorporate into everyday healthy living. I invite you to join Sunlighten's private Facebook group for more inspiration for healthy living. 


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WRITTEN BY: Aaron Zack, CEO/Co-Owner of Sunlighten®

Aaron Zack has always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He began his career via the Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Leadership Program in sales and marketing where he earned the distinction of one of P&G's Top 5 Field Sales Representatives in the nation. Yet in the face of his P&G success, Aaron still had entrepreneurial aspirations in a different health category. Aaron and his wife, Connie, joined forces with her brother, who had suffered from chronic illness for nearly a decade before finding healing with infrared therapy. 20 years later, Sunlighten has grown into a global company. Aaron leads a team that develops, designs, and manufactures health and wellness products, including saunas, using infrared technology. Sunlighten has unique LED infrared technology, patented SoloCarbon® and 3 in 1® infrared, offering near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths, a first in the industry. New product development in infrared continues to drive Aaron and his team to find solutions for people to live their healthiest lives.