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November 07, 2023

Friends of Sunlighten: Jonni Pollard & Carla Di Mattina share their wisdom and key steps to achieving mindfulness in everyday life

Holistic Wellness, Mental Health

Jonni and Carla are no strangers to the Sunlighten community, recently sharing their wisdom on our YouTube Q&A series ‘Sauna Side Chats’ along with mindful meditations and movements to explore during your sweat sessions. 

Both highly respected in their fields of holistic physiotherapy and meditation, we were excited to speak to them about the different factors that help them achieve mindfulness in everyday life, coupled with prioritising time in their Sunlighten mPulse sauna. 

Sunlighten: How has your Sunlighten sauna helped to enhance your everyday life?

J & C: Carla and I feel so rested and refreshed out of our sessions in the sauna. It’s a great time out that feels very productive for our wellbeing.We never regret stepping away from the busyness of everything to have a sauna.

Sunlighten: Tell us about your favourite sauna experience to date since receiving your mPulse. 

J & C: Every experience is great. If we meditate during the sauna experience, it’s always deep and rejuvenating while getting all the benefits of the infrared. I'll listen to podcasts or music and enjoy just sitting still and relaxing. 

Sunlighten: In your opinion, what are the key steps to achieving mindfulness and a meaningful life? 

J &C: The most important thing we can do is have a regular meditation practice. Meditation cultivates self awareness. When we have self awareness we are able to have a more intimate and compassionate relationship with yourself. Meaning and fulfillment are derived from our inner experience and the extent to which we love ourselves. 

Sunlighten: Give us a rundown of what your daily wellness routine looks like. (foods you eat, movement you enjoy, any other wellness practices including a sauna session)

J &C: I don’t have a set program but some of the regular elements are, Pilates reformer session, Peleton spin session, meditation, sauna, spa, swim, surf. The thing that is non negotiable is play time with the kids in the morning and music and yummy brekkie. Dancing in the kitchen with the fam is also a regular. Carla and I try and do a nature walk once a week during the day to break things up too.

Sunlighten: What is one part of your everyday mindfulness routine that you will never skip? 

J & C: Meditation twice a day!

Sunlighten: Why do you think meditation and physical wellness through Sunlighten Saunas work so well together? 

J &C: The quietness in the sauna is great. It feels like a cacoon. The gentle warmth is also very helpful creating a deeper meditation experience. The restfulness we gain in the meditation while having a sauna is deep and rejuvenating.

Sunlighten: How long have you been using your Sunlighten Sauna for and what are three of the benefits you’ve seen? 

J & C: It’s almost a year now. better energy levels, quicker recovery from stress and body aches and more youthful skin would be the most obvious 3.

Sunlighten: What is bringing you the most joy and happiness in your life at the moment? Is it your family, something you read or listened to recently that stuck with you? 

J & C: Our kids bring us the greatest joy by a long shot. They are at the center of our universe.

If this chat left you inspired, be sure to check out our Sauna Side Chat series with Jonni on the Sunlighten Youtube Channel and take a listen to Jonni’s meditations on the Sunlighten Spotify to help you relax and unwind for your next Sunlighten sauna session! 

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