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September 06, 2022

Hormesis 101: Understanding how and why heat shock proteins help your body

Immunity, Longevity

One of the health benefits of infrared sauna comes from a process called “hormesis.” Heat activates some helpful cellular activity that results in a stronger immune system as well as other positive effects. To learn more about how this all works, enjoy this fun, simplified explanation of the science behind the awesome benefits.

Hear about Infrared Sauna for Heat Shock Protein

In this video, you'll discover:

:15 What is hormesis

:20 Familiar examples of hormesis

:28 Heat safely creates right amount of stress for benefits

:47 Sauna activates “personal trainers” called heat shock proteins

:57 Heat shock proteins help your body fight disease, infections, inflammation, etc.

1:11 Sunlighten saunas that activate heat shock proteins

We explore one of the primary benefits of saunaing in this simple, informative overview of two complex and science topics: hormesis and heat shock protein activation. Hormesis is an important process that helps strengthen the body in many ways. It’s a technical term for what goes on when you place your body in the heat of a sauna to activate your body’s “personal trainer” cells, or heat shock proteins. You’ll learn what hormesis is, how it works in your body, and how you can use a Sunlighten sauna to activate heat shock proteins. Join one of our infrared sauna experts as he explains one of the most important benefits your body receives from an infrared sauna.

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