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December 07, 2022

Are saunas energy efficient? 

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We understand the importance of responsible use of our energy resources. A Sunlighten infrared sauna is super energy efficient, and you’ll be surprised to learn just how inexpensive it is to run one. It actually takes less energy to run than most household appliances. We explain how and why in this short video. 

Are saunas energy efficient? 

Are Saunas Energy Efficient? 

In this video you'll discover: 

:17    Uses less energy than most household appliances  

:26   How to figure the energy cost 

1:23  Monthly average   

1:42  What makes Sunlighten saunas energy efficient  

1:47  About resistive heating 

2:00  Minimal heat loss 

2:10   Heater efficiency 

A product that is “energy efficient” uses the majority of the power supplied to accomplish its purpose. An average standard of 90% or more is considered energy efficient. Our saunas are nearly 100% energy efficient. In this video, our friendly Sunlighten infrared sauna consultant will walk you through an example of how to calculate your estimated energy cost for a Sunlighten infrared sauna, plus show you how we design and construct our saunas to be energy efficient so you can feel good about adding one to your home or business.  

We’ve also included details from the video in the information below. 

3 Reasons Sunlighten Infrared Saunas are Energy Efficient 

In order to believe how inexpensive it is to run a Sunlighten infrared sauna, you’ll want to understand the components of their design that make this possible. Sunlighten Electrical Engineer Steven Bell explains three key points: 

  1. Resistive Heating - Sunlighten’s infrared saunas work using resistive heating, which is close to 100% efficient, meaning all the energy being used is converted to heat and nothing is lost. 
  2. Quality Construction - Our solid, extra thick construction and tight, magnetic seals results in very little heat loss. 
  3. Heating Technology – Our patented heaters don’t waste energy producing wavelengths that bounce off your body. Our highly emissive heaters are designed to produce wavelengths your body absorbs.  
How to Figure Energy Cost of Infrared Sauna 

One session in a 1-person Sunlighten sauna will cost an average of about 32 cents. How do we come up with that amount? Let’s do the math: 

To figure out how much it will cost on average to run one sauna session, you multiply 3 numbers: your sauna’s power, your electricity rate, and your sauna and heat up time. There are energy calculators you can find online that make it easy. Here’s a link to an energy calculator. It also includes electricity rate estimates by state

The Signature 1-person sauna runs on 1350 kw or 1.35 kW/hr. Multiply that by the national average electricity rate of 16 cents/hour. That gives you your energy cost of 21 cents per hour. 
For one 45-minute sauna session, including 45-minute heat up time, you’d spend 32 cents to heat your sauna up and enjoy a session in it. 
If you do that 4x a week, that’s $1.28 a week or a little more than $5/month. (Less than 1 cup of coffee in one day at the coffee shop!) 

This is an example estimate. To figure the cost for the Sunlighten sauna you’re considering purchasing or already own, you can find the sauna’s wattage use in the Sunlighten sauna owner’s manual or on the product specs on our product website pages, and reach out to your energy provider to get your exact local energy rates.  

Electricity Cost Comparison 

For comparison, here’s a list of other items and their average energy consumption for some perspective. As Pat says in the video, an infrared sauna is much cheaper than running a hot tub, plus infrared will provide all the great health benefits like detoxification, a boost in your immunity, heart health and more! 

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