Candice Westphal in sauna
May 24, 2022

Finding light in a fight for health

Life Stories

For a long time, Candice Westphal just thought she was stressed and working too hard. She’d been a driven marketing executive in healthcare, top global entertainment companies, and the NFL for more than 25 years. For the last decade of her career, she battled extreme energy depletion and a host of other symptoms that the resilient professional pushed through over and over again. For those long 10 years she lived with a lower quality of life from her health struggles though she was determined not to let it get her down. Thinking she was experiencing the effects of too much stress, she took an early retirement and began spending more time at home focusing on her health. Instead, she got even worse.

Recover from Lyme Disease & Co-Infections

In this video, you'll discover:

0:00  Meet Candice Westphal, mPulse Conquer owner 

0:05  10-year journey pushing through feeling bad 

0:16  Doctors and tests

0:25  Lyme disease, co-infections, chronic Epstein Barr, strep and MERSA   

0:34  Describes level of exhaustion

0:40  Trying Sunlighten infrared sauna was life changing

0:57  From luxury to necessity

1:15  Started noticing a difference

1:38  Advantage of having at-home sauna

1:53  Benefit to her family also

2:15  Small things to live better

Finding no answers with traditional medicine, she turned to functional medicine and other alternative practitioners. After 10 years she finally received diagnosis that included Lyme disease and co-infections, chronic Epstein-Barr, chronic strep, MRSA, and mold toxicity. 

Candice Westphal in Sunlighten mPulse Conquer

In her focus on her health, Candice had spent time using a Sunlighten infrared sauna at a day spa to treat herself once in a while. Eventually a friend invited her to use the same sauna more regularly at her  friend’s house. Candice noticed she felt better, had more energy, and was sleeping better. She and her husband decided to purchase their own. Learn how having a Sunlighten infrared sauna in her home became a necessity rather than a luxury during her recovery.

More Resources

For more information on the health benefits of infrared saunas that Candice mentions, visit our Health Benefits pages. To learn more about Lyme disease, check out our blogs about Lyme disease. Candice’s journey and the discoveries she has made gave her a passion for helping others find answers, and hope. To learn more about Candice and her health journey, visit her website at re-trēt. Our partner Brigit Danner specializes in mold toxicity and is another great resource. Check out her blog about mold toxicity.

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