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The lotus blossoms with the light every day. Like that beautiful flower, you can find hope in stories, studies, and scientific a-ha moments that enlighten our mind and encourage our heart. The lotus symbolizes an overcoming spirit. Rooted in dark, muddy waters, it finds a way to thrive. As you spur yourself on through struggles and challenges, we want to help. We are constantly gathering the brightest ideas to help you on your journey of wholeness and well-being. Let this place be a resource for you.

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3 minute read

Programmed, Personal & Precise — Why everyone’s talking about Sunlighten’s new mPulse Smart Sauna

Sunlighten Red Light sauna

DetoxificationWomen's HealthSkin Care

3 minute read

Discovering Lymphatic Wellness: An Interview with Bee Czarnota of The BEETOX Method

On a bright day at the heart of Brighton, Sunlighten had the privilege to sit down with the Creator and Founder of Australia’s cult lymphatic massage experience The BEETOX Method’s,Bee Czarnota. Amidst the warm radiance of the Sunlighten Solo System sauna, we took a deep dive into the world of lymphatic health, detoxifying rituals, and the transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

Holistic WellnessMental Health

3 minute read

Friends of Sunlighten: Jonni Pollard & Carla Di Mattina share their wisdom and key steps to achieving mindfulness in everyday life

Jonni and Carla are no strangers to the Sunlighten community, recently sharing their wisdom on our YouTube Q&A series ‘Sauna Side Chats’ along with mindful meditations and movements to explore during your sweat sessions. Both highly respected in their fields of holistic physiotherapy and meditation, we were excited to speak to them about the different factors that help them achieve mindfulness in everyday life, coupled with prioritising time in their Sunlighten mPulse sauna.

Life Stories

3 minute read

First Timers Guide to Sitting in a Sauna

What to expect and how to prep so that your mind and body get benefits long after you’ve stepped out of the sauna.


4 minute read

Beyond Heat: The Benefits of Infrared Light for the Immune System

There’s no denying that sweating is a route to lots of total-body benefits, including strengthening your immune system for cold and flu season. But, thanks to the healing light of infrared therapy, you can achieve those same benefits without overheating.